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July 31

Posted by djw209 on July 31, 2010

This wedding was in Boston – very expensive wedding. Nothing was over looked. The couple hired a lighting crew to come in and give this ballroom “that something special” – and boy did it show up in the pictures!

The cake didn’t disappoint.

The dress was made out of silk.

Cocktail hour was held at the hotel’s rooftop pool.

Seating card table with guest book. Their guest book was a coffee table book about Boston – the frame says “Please take a moment to write in our guest book! Feel free to write on any page or picture. This book will remind us of many Boston memories as we start a new chapter of our lives in Atlanta.”

Which then turned into a candy table as the guest’s gift.

No matter how expensive the wedding was, all that matters is how much love radiated from the newly wed couple.
The bride smiled like this for the entire day – it wasn’t forced.
She truly married her best friend, soul mate and prince charming.
I think the bride was just as happy as I was on my wedding day, which is my wish for every bride in the world regardless if I am there to photograph that smile or not.
That is why I LOVE photographing weddings.
The heartfelt smile.

Funny side note – this bride got married in Boston, graduated from Boston University but yet she lived her entire life no more than 45 minutes from Penn State University – and she was born the same year and in the same hospital as my sister, just 10 months later. Oh it’s such a small world!


4 Responses to “July 31”

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  4. Beth said

    Your pics are gorgeous!!!

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