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July 4, 2010

Posted by djw209 on July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!! We spent the day on Crystal Lake in Gray, Maine. I had an amazing opportunity to try out water skiing (nope, never did make it up, but I swollowed enough water to make sure I will never ever again be dehydrated!!) and tubing!

Let’s check out me tubing (just for the record, I was on the tube for a good 10 minutes before I fell off…it doesn’t look like that in the pictures posted here, but I really was on for a LONG time)!

Started off nice enough - I was told to just hang on, white knuckle it! Oh don't mind the wedgie...I couldn't do anything about it once I got onto the tube!

Starting to pick up speed hitting my first wave.

Hanging on for dear life.

Caught some air and I'm still smiling!

Ok landed that wave safely...but I can see whats ahead. I wish you were able to clearly see the horrified look I have on my face in this picture, because I can see that I am about to hit a series of waves...but it's sooo blury.

Oh boy, here they come!

And there I go...


Where's Dana? Yeah, I'm the idiot who wrapped the tow rope around my wrist for a ride back to the dock...I'm between the boat and the tube. I now am sporting a brush burn on my left wrist. Yup I'm cool. I could have snapped off my wrist because of the tension of the tow rope.

Despite drinking 90% of the water in the lake (sorry residents of Crystal Lake) I had a blast!!


3 Responses to “July 4, 2010”

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  2. Jessica said

    Hilarious. Love the series of photos and all the commentary. Glad you didn’t do any lasting damage to your wrist!!

  3. Beth said

    Looks like fun….but I’m sure I’d wipeout too and my friends would never let me live it down!!

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