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May 1, 2010

Posted by djw209 on May 1, 2010

This weekend’s picture is from Hunter and Stephanie’s wedding. They tied the knot at the Paulist Center right on the edge of the Boston Commons and their reception was held at the New England Wildflower Society in Framingham, MA

Enjoy a few pictures from the event!

Love this part of the ceremony. After they exchanged their vows, all the guests prayed over the newlyweds! This picture was taken with a fish eye lens. Check out the sculpture behind the alter - it's awesome. There is a baptism pool just under that.

Loved the New England Wild Flower Society - look at the green roof on this shed. I didn't get many good shots while doing our hike around the place (yes it was a hike - hills, rock climbing, streams, rivers, etc...) and I was carrying 2 camera backpacks, tripods, and screens, so I took what I could when my hands were semi free.

Part of our hike to get to the bridge over a very high and rushing stream. And of course, it's at this point we need to do a card change, passing a camera card over the rushing stream.

Check out these cupcakes. The Groom's sister made them! I LOVE the center piece - she used 3 plastic Wilton cake boards with wine glasses between the cake boards! So unique! I LOVE this!!!

To see more of the pictures that I took during this event, click here.

The next wedding is in 1 week, May 8 at the Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle, NH. More wedding pictures will be posted next week!


One Response to “May 1, 2010”

  1. Pam said

    Beautiful – love those photos! (And I wouldn’t mind trying one of those desserts either!)

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