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Crafty weekend

Posted by djw209 on February 12, 2010

This weekend I plan on using an upholstery tack to work on a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time. A few years ago, my Dad’s sister gave me a table and chair set that her parents (my Nana and Pop-Pop) used. This table is pretty special for me – it’s one of the few items I have from them, and I don’t have too many memories of them since they died when I was pretty young.

This is an awesome picture of my Dad (#3 of 3 kids), his sister (My Aunt Kit & #2 of 3 kids) and my Dad’s brother (my Uncle Tommy & #1 of 3 kids):

My Dad, Aunt Kit and Uncle Tommy

I plan on using this fabric to “brighten” up the table set and our kitchen:

I may also make a super special curtain for our bedroom. That will require borrowing my mother in law’s sewing machine. But I LOVE the fabric for the curtain (I plan on using a black out liner behind this fabric so my bedroom will finally be dark when the parking lot lights are on!!):

The curtain fabric has 3 shades of blue, the darkest being close to black which will go well with our black and white flowered duvet!

I plan on taking before and after pictures…we’ll see how it goes. If the projects are a total bust then you won’t hear about them! hahaha!

Have a great weekend! Tonight I’m off to a Lia Sophia party at a friends house, but first I get to see my chiropractor! Yeah! I love my chiropractor!


3 Responses to “Crafty weekend”

  1. Jessica said

    Can’t wait to see the final outcome. Good luck and what great fabric you picked. I have seen that ones for the curtains in your bedroom before, it is pretty.

  2. Love the fabric choices! Make sure to show us the outcome!

  3. Pam said

    Good luck on your projects! Love the fabric choices!

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