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Weekend #1 – the Swedish Chef

Posted by djw209 on January 11, 2010

Many of my photography friends, Jess and Tracey and my cousin Pam, are doing (or have already done) a 365 photography project. Basically they are taking pictures every day and posting those pictures everyday. I am envious that they are doing this project – it’s something that I would love to do so I become better acquainted with my camera and learn lots more about photography in general. It would also force me to pick up my camera weekly.

But I don’t have the time or daylight to be able to do this project the way I would want to.

So I’ve decided that I would do a modified version of this project – to take and post pictures every weekend.

Now I know that we’ve just passed the 2nd weekend of 2010, but I didn’t think of doing this modified project until friday night.

So without further delay, here is the first weekend in 2010’s picture:

Canon EOS 50D; AV Mode; ISO 400; f/4; 1/2 sec; flash did not fire

It looks like I succeeded in getting some bokeh effect in this picture! I wasn’t trying for that and I didn’t see that the first 20 times I looked at this picture, but I am certainly happy that it happened!

This is our 2009 Hallmark Ornament – Danny loves it, me, not so much. But it makes Danny laugh so hard and that makes me love the ornament. See, this ornament has sound to it – and that is what makes Danny laugh so hard. EVERY time Danny walked past the tree, he had to make the ornament talk.

I can’t tell you what the Swedish Chef says, but it makes Danny giggle endlessly. But for me, that makes this year’s ornament worth all the money in the world.


2 Responses to “Weekend #1 – the Swedish Chef”

  1. Jessica said

    Great photo and I love the bokeh effect in the background. Now I am curious as to what the chef is saying…

  2. pam said

    Great shot – perfect lighting and love the bokeh! I think the weekend photo challenge sounds like the perfect solution! Good luck! (PS: Thanks for the link!)

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