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Baltimore, finally

Posted by djw209 on December 10, 2009

During the months of October and November I took an online photography course with Tracey of Nine Acres Photography. I learned a TON (like how ISO, f stops and lens length can all react to make the perfect picture, stop motion, freeze frame, and many many other cool techniques) and our final session was a photo walk through Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland.

I finally got to meet Jessica (from Wrong Week) and our friend Nicole came down to hang out with us. So while we were there we got to take a ton of pictures while practicing what we learned during the course.

I learned how to take panoramic pictures (I used clevr to stitch the photos together – click on the image to see it larger):

I also took a cool picture of Nicole while she was moving, called Panning (click on the image to see it larger):

So I thought I had taken all these great pictures but when I got home I realized that most of my pictures were underexposed with a handfull that were overexposed.

I was pretty disappointed – but there was Tracey to the rescue. I told her about my issue and she offered to edit some of my images – and now PhotoShop Elements 7 is on my Christmas Wish List!!!

So the original image is on the left and her edit is on the right in all the pictures below.

This first image is really underexposed – but I was impressed that I was able to capture the water splashing in the fountain! Tracey did a wonderful job bringing the picture to life.

This next picture is really OVEREXPOSED – just the opposite of the previous picture:

This next picture seems OK in the original, but Tracey added her own artistic touch to the original and I really love the texture she added to the water!

Once again this picture is underexposed – look at how Tracey made the colors just pop!

If you would like to have your images professionally edited by Tracey, go to her website and send her an email – she is SUPER quick with responses and her work is just AMAZING!!!

Thanks again Tracey for everything you have taught me and the photo editing, I can’t wait for the spring photowalk!


2 Responses to “Baltimore, finally”

  1. Tracey said

    I am glad you like them! I had a blast doing it and I can’t wait for spring!

  2. Pam said

    Wonderful photos – I love taking classes to learn something new! Photoshop is amazing isn’t it?

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