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“Ben Missing”

Posted by djw209 on November 24, 2009

When Danny and I had the flu, we noticed that this same cat kept coming to “visit” us. This cat would sit on the bench we have sitting right next to the sliding glass door, and Danny’s Lazy Boy chair sits next to the sliding glass door. So one afternoon the cat sat on the box while I was sitting in the lazy boy – and I put my hand up to the glass and it started to rub it’s head on the glass…so wanting some human contact.

Let me say this now, Danny and I are NOT cat people. We are dog people and we can’t wait to get a dog “when the house is built”. “When the house is built” is a VERY common saying in our house. It seems that this “house” is just a figment of our imagination and it will NEVER get built.

Ok so back to our story. Fast forward 1 week…my new canon 50D was delivered on November 11 and at the same time I saw this sign hanging up in the mail area:

I did remove the owner’s telephone number for their own protection – but let me point out the fact that this “strip” cat has BEN MISSING. LOL

Now, we know that the cat that has been visiting us is not this “strip” cat that’s BEN MISSING. Nope, the cat that comes to visit us everyday has an owner (no collar, registration, tags, NOTHING). The owner says that it’s an “outdoor cat” even when it’s below freezing outside.

Danny and I (and 3 of our neighbors) have named the cat that visits us every day “Ben Missing” – not because he’s missing but because the sign written by his owners regarding their other missing cat is just too dang funny!

Meet Ben Missing:

Maybe Ben Missing’s brother/sister will show up one day, but I highly doubt it. I hope someone has adopted Ben Missing’s sibling because the owners don’t know how to collar or register their own pets or even provide shelter when it’s freezing outside!!

Ben Missing LOVES to play right next to where our grill is. He often gets under Danny’s feet when grilling.

I hope Ben Missing is allowed to come inside when it starts to get really cold out. Otherwise I may have to take it to the SPCA – I don’t like cats, but I’m not heartless.


3 Responses to ““Ben Missing””

  1. Tracey said

    :0) Cute cat. Hope it’s sibling shows up soon. Apparently, your neighbors are graduates of the creative spelling program.

  2. Jessica said

    Lol. Ben is cute. I am not a cat person either. Though we have friends with one and I do like him. Hopefully he is able to get inside soon. Otherwise I am with you regarding the SPCA.

  3. Pam said

    Adorable kitty and what a precious note! And Hurray for your new 50D!!!

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