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Win an HP TouchSmart 600 Computer!

Posted by djw209 on November 19, 2009

JollyMom is giving away an HP TouchSmart 600 Computer on November 23, 2009!!!

Danny and I don’t have a computer at home – well we have 4, 2 don’t work (yes I’ve taken them apart, dusted them, replaced some hardware and they still don’t work) and 2 laptops that are for work only. So I don’t have a place to install Photoshop Elements 7 (when I buy it next Friday at Staples Black Friday sale) and really get into editing the images I’m taking using my new Canon 50D.

This computer retails for $1,497!!! But just because I’m posting this, it doesn’t mean that you should run off and enter this contest – nope, don’t because I can really use a computer!!!

But if you aren’t going to listen to me, read about the early entries you can get on JollyMom’s blog.


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