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Daily Outfit September 4

Posted by djw209 on September 4, 2009

This will be my last daily outfit posting until Tuesday, September 8 – I don’t usually use computers on weekends since I spend 9 hours each work day on a computer. But since we’re attending a wedding and a birthday party on Sunday (yes, we have yet to figure out how to attend both events that start an hour apart from each other and are in towns about an hour away from each other) you might be lucky and get 2 postings on September 8, one will be my normal daily outfit post and the other will be my outfit from Sept 6’s events!

Before I show you what I’m wearing today, I’d like to share my outfit from yesterday’s walk during my lunch break (I did 2.4 miles again!!!). Ok so don’t mention the fact that I’m standing on a chair in my SUPER messy office, but take a look at what I walked around the airbase in.


You see, I have large thighs and they rub together when I walk.

Not comfortable.

So I decided that I’d bring a change of clothes to wear for my lunch time walk. So I put on my yoga pants, sneakers and tshirt. As soon as I got my tshirt on, I took it back off – it stunk so badly I couldn’t handle having it on my body. And I took that shirt out of my dresser yesterday morning and I know it was clean since I washed it Sunday night. Ugh. So I had to walk in my dress, yoga pants and sneakers. Yeah I looked wonderful!

Anyway, onto today’s outfit – and please disregard the quality of the picture. My point and click camera’s lens is dirty and I didn’t have time to clean it this morning before hubby took my picture. So here I am!


Shirt: I got this at TJMaxx during the summer and it’s quickly became an old standby.

Capri’s: Lane Bryant from last year, I wore these during my wedding reception lobster bake after my wedding in 2007. Love these pants!

Sandals: Same ones I wore yesterday. They are the only pair of black kinda sort of dressy sandals I now own. I had a cute pair that I bought last year from Kohls, but they broke a few weeks ago. I do have other awesome strappy black sandals that I LOVE but they are sooo not comfy, and my feet are still recovering from blisters I got by wearing said awesome strappy black sandals at my grandfather’s viewing and funeral on August 18. I even went to the shoe store yesterday searching for a pair of dressy black sandals to wear to Sunday’s wedding and birthday party, but they are only selling fall shoes now (and I did manage to find a nice pair of dressy black shoes for the fall, which I desperately needed since the shoes I wore all last year were thrown away after the heal broke off the 10th time (I have no problem super gluing my shoes back together when you love them that much!!).

Necklace: Lia Sophia party from a few years ago – I think it might have been a few weeks before I met Danny on that fateful night of August 1, 2006. I love the bright colors of this necklace and how it contrasts with the black and white outfit I’m wearing.

Earrings: Fryeburg Fair up in Maine – this guy only sells his wears at the Fryeburg Fair and his work is AMAZING! I hope to go back this year and get a few more pairs of his earrings. These are spiral silver dangling earrings with 3 blue round beads int he spirals!! So awesome!

Ok this has been a long post – have a good long weekend. I have to bake and decorate 3 cakes (9×13 80th birthday cake for Danny’s grandfather that I am drawing and icing a tractor on it; an anniversary cake for Danny’s grandparents; chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for the same party the other 2 cakes are going to on sunday and then saturday night we’re having LOBSTERS for dinner!!!!! Danny got two 2 pounders for free from one of his customers today. I’ll try to remember to take pictures and post from this weekend!


One Response to “Daily Outfit September 4”

  1. pam said

    I’ll be over Saturday night for the lobster and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing — what time? 😉

    Very cute outfit! I’ve never been to a TJ Maxx (although we do have them around here, not sure where though) but that top is so cute I’m tempted to go searching for one!

    Have a nice weekend!

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