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Daily Outfit Sept 3

Posted by djw209 on September 3, 2009

Here’s today’s outfit!


Dress: Khols
Sandals:Lane Bryant from last year
Earrings: I don’t remember where I got these earrings but I LOVE them!
Necklace: My husband gave me this starfish necklace as a Christmas present last year! It’s one of my favorites!

Here is a closeup of my earrings – they are one of my favorites!


I just took this picture here in the office since on my way out the door I added this spring/fall green jacket. I bought it at and it has 3/4 sleeves.


You can’t see the whole jacket, so here’s the picture from – since I’m 6 feet tall, the jacket hits me right at my hips, it’s not quite as long as the Old Navy picture would elude to.

So yesterday during lunch I walked 2.4 miles! It was so nice outside, I grabbed my iPod and just walked around the area where my office is located. I hope to keep this up. Does anyone know of a widget I can put on my blog that will keep track of how far I’ve walked/run/biked each month? I know I can write it down on my calendar and then update my blog daily with my running total, but it would be nice to just enter in the total miles I’ve done daily and the widget updates it automatically for me. Anyone?


3 Responses to “Daily Outfit Sept 3”

  1. pam said

    Adorable outfit – I LOVE that jacket! I don’t get over to Old Navy very often, but I may have to stop by to see if they still sell it!

    Don’t have a blog widget, but if you have an iphone there’s a great app called LoseIt that I’ve been using. It tracks daily calorie intake as well as your exercise.

  2. djw209 said

    I don’t have an iPhone – I would love one, but since we live in northern New England there aren’t too many cell phone companies that have good service up here. We are with Verizon Wireless which has the most extensive and reliable coverage up here. Someday I’ll be able to have an iPhone, just have to wait for the AT&T deal to end with Apple.

  3. Jessica said

    What a cute dress. I might have to take up this challenge too of dressing up. There are days (many of them actually!) where I don’t even get out of my pajamas. I used to like to dress up and I love jewelry.

    What company do you work for that you are the only one here in the States? What do you do?? Sounds like my kind of job actually! Do you get to go to Italy much?

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