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Outfit for Sept 2, 2009

Posted by djw209 on September 2, 2009

So I’m starting something new here. My blogging friend, Sraikh over at Asaaan posted her outfit daily for 1 week and still posts almost daily her outfit that she’s worn for the day along with accessories. She did this as a challenge to get dressed up every day, even if she was only going to the gym and to drop her youngest child off at preschool.

I was (and still am) so impressed that she did this (and she has 4 young children!!) because I have the same attitude about “why should I get dressed up” when I’m heading off to work. You see, my office is a rented space in a LARGE suite with about 40-50 other companies. I have a closet for an office with NO windows and the AC is turned on year ’round. So I am always wearing the same old ratty sweater or sweatshirt in the office to keep warm. Yes, even in the summer! I’m the only employee for my company in the US so I don’t see anyone during my day (unless I head out to the cafe but no real interaction with humans there) and I don’t deal with any customers face to face. My boss and I chat online or on the phone and I rarely speak with my co-workers since they are in Italy and they all speak very broken English – well their English is much better than my Italian. My written Italian is much better than spoken Italian.

So I am taking Sraikh’s challenge, to post my daily outfit for 1 week. Since I don’t take my laptop home with me on weekends, I’ll do this for 1 work week starting today. And this is fitting since the kids in my area started back to school today! New beginnings for everyone around!

Normally when getting ready in the morning, I will shower, eat breakfast and blow dry my hair. Recently I’ve been flat ironing my hair but that is about my routine in the mornings before heading out the door for work. That’s right, I never put on make-up. I used to be a Mary Kay consultant, so I have all this amazing make-up but I rarely used it. I also have a jewelry box full of AMAZING pieces that I hardly wear. I tend to wear the same pair of hoop earrings weeks on end.

So today you will get to see 4 pictures of me taken quickly by my husband before I had to run out the door for work.

So this is what I would normally look like after drying and flat ironing my hair: no make up or jewelry.


Close up of my face (yes it is quite pixely, my face isn’t that fuzzy all the time)


After that picture was taken, I put on my make-up and jewelry.


And as required, a close up of my face to see my make-up


Shirt:V neck Fashion Bug
Crops:Fashion bug I think
Sandals:Khols from last year
Bracelet and earrings: Bought at a craft vendor at Memorial Day celebration in Boalsburg, PA
Necklace: Found hanging in the back of my closet

So with that, this is the start of a new beginning for me. Get ready every day, regardless of what’s going on.

My gym just came out with the fall schedule for the group fitness classes. So glad they have the small equipment mat pilates class on FRIDAY’s at 5:30pm! Now no excuse not to go to the gym on fridays! Wednesdays they also have an intro cycling class at 6:30pm. I’ve always wanted to try the cycling classes but I was always too scared. But now I can learn with others and then I can do the cycling class on saturday mornings!

Oh, Community Chorus and church Choir start back up in the coming weeks, so my busy fall, winter and spring schedule is coming back and I LOVE it!

This is going to be a good year with many changes on the horizon!


4 Responses to “Outfit for Sept 2, 2009”

  1. pam said

    Hurray for you! – new beginnings are tough. Love your jewelry – isn’t it amazing how much better you feel when you throw on some jewelry and make-up? Great challenge! Good luck with your new gym classes too. I am a TOTAL believer in CLASSES at the gym! I just can’t work out on my own -I’m in it for the “social” as well as the work-out! (And I need to know my friends will harass me if I miss a class!)

    • djw209 said

      Yeah I love the classes at the gym – I’m so glad that I belong to a HUGE gym and so they offer tons and tons of classes. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. sraikh said

    YAY! Its amazing what putting on makeup and a nice necklace does for one’s confidence. Now you need to show us all the amazing jewelery you have have hidden away.

    Cant wait for tomorrow’s outfit

    PS:Is that one layered necklace or did you combine two?

    • djw209 said

      It’s one necklace – I am so not creative enough to put 2 or more necklaces together to create a “cool” looking necklace hahaha!

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