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My Wedding Dress!

Posted by djw209 on July 24, 2009

Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner is changing her friday theme from “Show us where you live” to “Show us your life”! I can now participate since I don’t have my house built yet!! Yeah!

This week’s theme is “Show us your wedding dress”!! Yeah!

I LOVED my dress..short story about my wedding, I came home from NYC after singing in Carneigie Hall at the end of May2007. A few nights later (the first thursday in June 2007) Danny and I were sitting in a restaurant talking about our wedding that was being planned for August 2, 2008 (it would be 2 years to the day that we had met) when we realized, what are we waiting for? We already know we’re going to get married, we’re already living together so why wait?

We knew that my parents would be in town the weekend of June 30, 2007 and the photographer we wanted to use and our JP were both available, so we threw together our wedding pretty quickly (we had like 11 people total including me and my husband, the JP and our 2 photographers).

I had been looking at wedding dresses online at Lane Bryant for a few months and found a dress that I LOVED but I didn’t want to buy it then seeing as my wedding wasn’t going to be until 2008 and I would have plenty of time to try on different styles. Well that was until that fateful Thursday evening in June that I HAD to order my dress because we were getting married 3 weeks later! I ordered my dress ONLINE without ever trying on another wedding dress in my entire life and the dress fit PERFECTLY! I didn’t need to have ANY alterations done at all, just had it steamed!

Enjoy my wedding dress pictures!


4 Responses to “My Wedding Dress!”

  1. Michelle said

    I came over from Kelly’s.

    You look beautiful! I love your wedding story. We had a similar experience, of saying “let’s just do it”. We were going to get married at City Hall and have a small reception back home a few months later.

    But the wedding fantasy got a hold of me and I ended up caving and having the wedding and reception back home. But we still kept it small and I think that makes it so much more special.

    Great job on the dress and the wedding! It’s a sweet story.

  2. Ginger said

    What a sweet story!! And you were just beautiful!! I always wanted a beach wedding, too. Guess if we ever renew our vows, we’ll do it on a beach!!

  3. pam said

    Sweet story! Back when you first got married I saw some of your pictures, but I never appreciated how beautiful your dress was until I read the story and looked at these pics! Beautiful! (Seems to me you could still wear it – (like on a summer day to church or something?)

  4. Sara said

    Beautiful dress and location. I loooove lighthouse so I’m really like that last photo.

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